What should I wear to my appointment? 

We recommend wearing a strapless bra and light flesh tone undergarments to give you the best look.

How many people  can I bring? 

We have limited seating so for the best experience we recommend  limiting your guests to 2 to 3 people.

Can I take pictures?

Yes,  you can take as many pictures as you like!

Are your gowns used?

No, our gowns are direct from manufacturer overstocks, closeouts and new designer samples. They have only been tried on by other brides but have never been altered or worn outside of the store.

Do you buy gowns or accept consignment gowns?

No, we do not purchase any gowns or accept  consignment gowns.

Can we bring children with us? 

We do allow children however; for safety  reasons we do require that any children under 13 are seated and supervised at all times.

Can we bring champagne or snacks?

To avoid spills and stains on the dresses we do not allow any food or drinks in store.

Do you do alterations?

No, we do not do in store alterations we do have great seamstresses we recommend.

Marcia Corwin- 970-218-3236

Carol Hirata 970-686-5704 

Katherine Thompson 970-214-2079 

Bonnie-Rip Club Sewing 970-222-7703


How much do alterations cost? 

Each seamstress works independently and sets her own pricing. Your seamstress will be able to give you a quote based on your gown and the alterations needed when you meet with them.